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Business Intelligence and Consultancy

Entrypointgroup provides transaction advisory, business intelligence solutions and risk consultancy with regional focus on Ukraine, FSU countries and Eastern Europe. We support our clients in making informed decisions and choosing partners that are sustainable and compliant

Our Services

Our Servuces

Entrypointgroup supports its clients through all phases of M&A transactions, both on buyer’s and seller’s sides, drawing on broad experience in various segments of economy 

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Entry into new markets could stretch resources and expose to unexpected risks. We provide our international and local clients with  reliable guidance based on expertise and benefits of being on the ground

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Investigative Due Diligence on individuals and entities could alert on potential fraud and corruption risks, disclosure issues, and potential vulnerabilities while helping to save capital and time

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We help our clients in understanding the competitive landscape, identifying potential partners and competitors, assessing risks, benchmarking performance, assessing strategies and business practices

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Forensic due diligence study helps our clients to assess the health of a target business, starting from market related assessments to specific evaluation on internal controls compliance and operations, beneficiaries, principals and associates

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Entrypointgroup provides the compliance monitoring for investors, private equity, and minority shareholders to ensure the understanding of selected busnesses in key segments of economy 

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How we operate

We established a network of experts with multifaceted perspectives and experience to serve our clients’ needs. Their expertise reflects different backgrounds as financers, engineers, technologists, lawyers, investigators, cyber technicians, political scientists, former military and intelligence officers, strategy consultants and others


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