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About Entrypoint

What we do

Business intelligence solutions, transaction support and risk consultancy with regional focus on FSU and Eastern Europe are in the core of our activities. We support our clients in building international business and alliances with partners that are secure, sustainable and compliant

How we work

Entrypointgroup established a reliable network of experts with multifaceted perspectives and experience to serve our clients’ needs. Their expertise reflects different backgrounds as financers, engineers, technologists, lawyers, investigators, cyber technicians, political scientists, former military and intelligence officers, strategy consultants and others

Risk and opportunity

We ensure that well-balanced risk taking is at the core of success. Therefore we assist our clients in their insight and depth understanding to take opportunities with greater certainty and better rewards

Who we work for

Our clients are all-size multinational and national businesses, international investors, private equity firms, and minority shareholders We strictly guard confidentiality of our clients, which is important matter to many of them

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