Forensic Due Diligence

Forensic due diligence study helps our clients to assess the health of a target business, starting from market related assessments to specific evaluation on internal controls compliance and operations, beneficiaries, principals and associates


Relying on its network of experts Entrypointgroup could perform forensic due diligence that involves a bottom-up approach with the primary focus on the underlying transactional data. Based on their experience of investigations and real-life fraud scenarios, forensic accountants study potential fraud hypotheses applicable to the industry of the target. These analyses assist in identifying “red flags”, which may indicate potential issues like conflict of interest, suspicious transactions, non-existent customers etc. Depending on the nature of the issue, further procedures, such as review of supporting documents, site visits, public domain checks or market intelligence gathering, may be performed


While forensic due diligence isn’t a formal investigation, it provides deeper insights into material vulnerabilities of a target company, so that investors could make informed decisions. The results of the forensic diligence procedures may cause clients to a wide range of actions beginning from renegotiating the valuation and incorporating appropriate representations and warranties to safeguard against the potential risks or, in some situations, walking away from the proposed deal. It can also support investors to mitigate post-transaction risks by strengthening the control environment through introducing continuous/periodic protective covenants and other clauses