Investigative Due Diligence

Investigative Due Diligence as a part of Risk Advisory helps our clients in undertaking projects including but not limited to different type of investment transactions, mergers and acquisitions, participating in a joint ventures and entering a new marketplace


Network of experts supports our clients by performing comprehensive due diligence on individuals and entities in order to alert on potential fraud and corruption risks, disclosure issues, and potential vulnerabilities. The multidisciplinary teams supported by our partners are able to leverage Entrypointgroup's network and technological resources to provide tailored insights to suit various clients’ risk profiles


Our investigative due diligence capability mostly helps our clients considering a merger or acquisition, joint venture, debt or capital financing, or entering a new marketplace. We could provide important insights regarding integrity issues and the reputations and backgrounds of counter-parties 


In its research Entrypointgroup is backed by the diversity of its professional network and modern fact-finding techniques and methodologies. We tailor our investigative due diligence via thorough review and analysis of available public data and human sources.  It could include but is not limited to regulatory history, sanctions and civil litigations, corporate and business records, property and asset-linked sources, personal and business reputations etc