Market Assessment  and Reviews

Market reviews are indispensable by the entry into new markets, which requires reliable assessments to avoid stretching resources and exposure to unexpected risks. We provide our clients with guidance supported by expertise and benefits of being on the ground


With its network of experts Entrypointgroup could help to determine the key metrics like market size and trends, growth rate and profitability, cost structure, distribution channels, competitive landscape and development strategy


Entrypoint team and its partners has previously prepared assessment and reviews on alternative energy, organic agriculture, different food ingredients, logistics and deliveries, port infrastructure, fertilizer industries and other markets and industires. Currently, based on our experience and connections we have focus on food and agriculture, energy, e-commerce, logistics, property development in Ukraine, CEE and FSU countries


Entrypointgroup team supported some of its clients in developing marketing strategy and introducing ongoing strategic planning procedures to help them in achieving long-term   goals and objectives