Mykola Kovalski, Partner

M.S. Finance


Prior to founding Entrypointgroup, Mykola had successful track record as a top-manager in leading food and energy sectors' companies. Previous to this he has background in government and foreign service with focus on economic and energy security


He arranged numerous M&A transactions, capital raisings and “green field” investment projects

Sergiy Kontiruk, Partner



Prior to founding Entrypointgroup, Sergiy was more than 10 years as a chief legal officer in one of the leading agri-industrial Ukrainian group of companies. He has also a background in government agencies and international consulting

Sergiy has wide experience in arranging capital raisings, loan facility projects, execution, pre- and post-transaction advisory in M&A, JV and others deals


Entrypointgroup has extensive experience in agriculture and food industry. Our Core team and experts have operational, engineering, agronomical, financial and legal backgrounds and plenty of success stories in portfolio

Energy & Utilities

Our network of experts have deep technical knowledge in traditional and alternative energy to deliver efficient solutions. On a top they could provide EHS assessments and evaluate related risks to projects 

Commerce and Logistics

Entrypointgroup has successful track-record in assessing transportation, storage and port projects of different size. Well organized logistics could provide important contribution to the successful commerce and otherwise


As a part of tailored market entry support we could assist our clients in the GR part of an endeavour relying of our extensive knowledge and understanding of local requirements and regulations